• Challah for a New Age. Gluten Free, Soft, Slightly Sweet & Delicious.

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Challah for a New Age. Gluten Free, Soft, Slightly Sweet & Delicious.

Vegan & Non Vegan Options. Ingredients curated with your health and happiness in mind.

Paleo-Vegan Desserts for any Occasion

Welcome Motzi Gluten Free

Where one Momma, devoted to health and well-being has ushered traditional Challah and Decadent Desserts into a new age of Food-As-Medicine. 

Using the highest quality, gluten-free and healthful ingredients we can find, we offer you traditional tasting "Ha Motzi" challah, and rich, vegan desserts that you can feel good about in mind, body and sprit!

"Chaya makes the most delicious gluten free and vegan bread I’ve ever had, and the fact that it’s challah makes it even more special. Super yummy - my daughter and I fight over the last bite!"


"Thank you Chaya! It's sooo delicious. Greg likes it a lot too and he's devoted to gluten."


"The pie and challah are absolutely delicious! Thank you and for anyone who lives in Bay Area order some!"


OMG that bread is so good! I had to stop myself and the kids from eating the whole loaf. A little happiness in the time we really need it. Thanks!


"I received my bread order today and we tasted the cranberry walnut!


Thank you.  I can’t wait to taste the others."


Challah Shipped to Your Door

Local Pickup Challah (Richmond, CA)

Ingredients for Health

Desserts to Live for.

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What does Motzi mean?

"Motzi" is a Hebrew word meaning to "bring forth". "The Motzi" is also a blessing traditionally said over Challah during Sabbath and Holiday meals. It is a blessing of thanksgiving for all that we receive.

Out of the seven grains traditionally used to prepare bread for the "Motzi" blessing, only one is gluten-free. That grain is Oat. In order to keep tradition alive Chaya-Ryvka created this original recipe using gluten-free, organic oat flour. The result was a nostalgic "Challah" bread ready for use at Holiday meals, filled with flavor, a delightful texture and pure love. 

We are delighted to bring forth this traditional bread and wholesome desserts made with gluten-free ingredients chosen for health.